to the home page of VENIVA ESPRIT project No. 20638, funded by the EU in the Multimedia Systems (MMS) programme, task 3.1, Multimedia Technology.

Project Keywords

archives, libraries, history, documents, virtual archive, distributed database, multimedia, hypermedia, WWW

Project Duration

The Project lasted from November 1995 to March 1998

Project Summary

In the next 20 years the documental archives of the public and private sectors will become impossible to handle due to their dimensions; one possible solution will be to put all the future information in electronic archives. The VENIVA project is oriented toward the realisation of a Pilot Application of such a VIRTUAL ARCHIVE. The VENIVA Pilot Application's core idea is the remote access of documents (paper documents, hand-written and printed books, drawings, maps, etc.) preserved in Venice, Corfu, Crete, and Vienna related to the subject of venitian history.

VENIVA's major technical objective is the integration of different technologies such as: geographically distributed databases, exploitation of the MINERS (Esprit project EP 6530) hypermedia methodology, and full text retrieval systems. The project will test a network connection between the different sites of the Virtual Archive, serving also WWW clients.

From a practical point of view the historical archives - once they have been made accessible as a unit - will constitute a single Virtual Archive that is available from any connected point. This experience will be used as a testbed for innovative services of libraries and archives which emphasise the cultural heritage of those institutions by enabling remote access.

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