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Venice State Archive

The records office was established in 1822 in the former convent of MinorFriars at "I Frari" in order to reconstruct the constitutionalmake-up of the Venetian Republic by bringing together all the records producedby the Venetian magistrature back to the 7th century a.D.
In addition to the archives of the Republic the records office also keepsthe records of the central and local institutions located in Venice, ofthe Governments which followed the fall of the Venetian Republic in 1797and of other archives such as those of the religious institutions abolishedby Napoleon. Moreover there are notary archives and archives of other variousinstitutions, among which private archives, of brotherhoods, of guilds,of associations.
Being one of the largest archives in Italy, the Venice State Archive preservesall documents related to Venetian history (more than 1000 years) that coverabout 90 km of shelves, and still collects all the historical documentationof the state organs nowadays operating in the province of Venice.

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