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Marsilio Editori: a presentation

Founded in Padua in 1961, Marsilio Editori has moved to Venice in 1974, publishing literature and fiction books; essays concerning art, music, architecture, cinema, economics, history, social sciences, picture books; catalogues; cartography and several journals. With approximately one hundred and seventy titles published every year, Marsilio Editori has become a reference point in the Italian publishing world for its deep commitment to cultural life and production, being awarded with several cultural prizes such as Premio Campiello and Premio Viareggio.

Multimedia experience
Marsilio has published three non-traditional products called PEnT (i.e. books published with CD-ROMs): the hypertextual version of Goldoni's drama "La famiglia dellíantiquario", the multimedia catalogue of "La Biennale di Venezia 46. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte. Identity and alterity. Figures of the body 1895-1995", and the catalogue of the exhibition on "Guglielmo Marconi's life and activities" that was held in New York in May-July 1996; Marsilio has also several other multimedia titles currently under publication on subjects such as cinema and tourist/cultural guidebooks.
In June 1996, as co-ordinator of the VENIVA EP 20638 ESPRIT Consortium, Marsilio has published on the Internet an electronic exhibition entitled A Virtual Tour in the Venetian Historical Sources.

In 1994, together with Sidac and with the sponsorship of the European Commission and the Presidency of the Italian Government, Marsilio has launched the MUSA Prize 1994, the first award on global scale for young multimedia authors designed to support them in the realisation of multimedia and non-traditional publishing products as a way of expressing their culture.
The second edition of the MUSA Prize 1995 was also sponsored by the European Commission and the Presidency of the Italian Government, and Marsilio, together with Finsiel (ex-Sidac) co-ordinated the initiative.
For the third edition of the MUSA Prize 1996, works both in English and Italian language will be accepted for the competition, and in 1997 the European MUSA Prize will be spread all over Europe thanks to the collaboration of other groups of multimedia publishers from different European countries.

European RTD experiences
From 1992 Marsilio has been involved in three ESPRIT III and IV Projects: In the first two projects Marsilio acted as the co-ordinator for the marketing and publishing initiatives with the objective of defining a clear producing cycle (based on Marsilio experience in the traditional publishing industry) for the newly-born multimedia cultural industry, whereas in VENIVA Marsilio plays the role of co-ordinator of the whole project which aims at providing a solution for accessing the cultural heritage preserved in European historical archives and libraries.

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