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Copyright law restrictions

  • The copyright law in Italy

  • The internal restrictions applied to photocopying in the Marciana National Library, Venice, are the following:

    It is forbidden to photocopy: In the price-list for rights regarding publication, the current valuable consideration includes rights of reproduction for one photograph only, published in one edition, in one language. For reprints and re-editions, please contact us. The following categories of publications are exempt from the payment of rights: "books printed in less than 2,000 copies, and with a price below 150,000 Italian lire, and scholarly journals". To claim the right to exemption, it is therefore necessary to state clearly the expected print run, the sale price, and the place of publication in the application for permission.

  • The copyright law in Austria

  • For the Austrian State Archives in Vienna, there is no law ruling the copyright. A person who uses it merely presents a photo (passport, etc.) for identification purposes when he begins his research, and signs a document in which he legally binds himself to comply with the rules of the archive and obligates himself to furnish the library of the archive with a copy of any published work based on the results of his archival research.

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