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Austrian State Archives of Vienna

The Austrian State Archives were founded in the years 1945 - 1947 unifyingthe historically grown sections Hofkammerarchiv, Kriegsarchiv, Haus-, Hof-und Staatsarchiv, Finanzarchiv und Archiv fuer Verkehrswesen and put underthe direction of the executive board. In 1947 the Hofkammerarchiv and theFinanzarchiv were united to the section Finanz- und Hofkammerarchiv. In1984 the Archiv der Republik was established. This association had alreadybeen partly anticipated in 1940 from the Reichsarchiv, which was an archivalorganization established in 1940 under the management of the director ofthe Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv, and some other state archives.
As the history of the Habsburg empire involved large parts of Europe andalso overseas countries, the Austrian States Archives with its documentsbecame one of the largest and most important archives of Europe and theworld.

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