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Authors and works

Year 1995

Alberto Craievich, Francesca Panzarin, Alessandro Santoro
A Study of the Park of the Monsters in Bomarzo
Publication on CD-ROM

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"The Park in Bomarzo CD-ROM introduces us to mannerism through a panorama of the parks of Lazio that culminates with the Park of the Monsters in Bomarzo.

This mannerist work is full of the marvellous and the strange. The design and creation of the famous park involved sculptors, painters, architects, artisans, set designers and musicians. The visitor wanders among labyrinths of hedges while admiring the play of water from the fountains and the extravagant perspective of Renaissance set designs. The bizarre form of the park, with its improbable architecture, deceptive criss-crossing paths, monsters that loom amidst the vegetation and spy on visitors as if they were hallucinations, and the sophisticated eclecticism of its creator, Vicino Orsini, provide extraordinary metaphors for our contemporary era.

You can leaf through the CD ROM sequentially, select a thematic route or navigate randomly through the hypertext. It is possible to request further knowledge at any point in the text by simply clicking on a particular word. The program will decide in what section that term is explained. The information gathered can be collected in a "CD ROM library" created by the user. The program also provides a mini-guide that can be leafed through or utilised for further journeys of exploration."

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