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On March 26th, at the Fortezza da Basso (Florence) there will be the award ceremony of the Musa Prize. Representatives of the European Community will be present.

The new European Musa Prize is going to be launched soon, with its new call and rules for participation.

On July 18th 1997, the committee decided to award the Musa Prize 1996 to the work "Le Dive del cinema muto italiano" ("Stars in the Italian Silent Cinema") created by Lisetta Renzi. Two more works were also highlighted: "Pietro Germi: i generi all'italiana" ("Pietro Germi: the Genres in the Italian Perspective") by Carlo Durante and Massimo Galimberti, and "Kircher, Arti combinatorie per il nuovo millennio" (Kircher, Combinatory Arts for the Next Millenium") by Giuseppe Nicolosi.

Last update: January 29th 1998

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