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War and peace

In a world in which the enemy was felt as a constant, invasive presence in everyday life, where conquests or military triumphs often seemed illusory, it was difficult to make out any clear-cut boundaries between war and peace. Part of what could be defined as the civilian organisation of power seemed directed at preventing or deflecting possible armed attacks. Glorification of the military virtues of the governors made it possible for the state to take more decisive action. An efficient tax system was established due to the need to draw from a larger pool of money to confront the dangers from the border territories. Lacking a police system in the modern sense, there were military forces which protected the public order and dealt with the prevention of crime. Thus the civilian and military sectors were two closely-connected worlds.

In addition, war also served to accelerate scientific advances. It encouraged the development of technological research, led to communication between men from far-off lands, and inspired the creation of specialised techniques.

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